Who Remembers Good Old Janitor?


The generation X’s out there might also be able to appreciate this. Because amongst some of the most successful and enterprising 21st entrepreneurs out there are known perfectionists. While they may have tried and tried again, they still have that desire to get things right first time off. And depending on the trade, their housekeeping and risk management profile simply has to be up to scratch.

These are the kind of guys and gals that could be leaning heavily on their local janitorial services austin tx network. This is a franchise movement, by the way. Or as these kids would say; BTW. And there might be some of them out there who smell yet another opportunity. Why not invest in a franchised business? And get this; you also get to specialise. You don’t always have to offer a general service to the public.

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Although that’s always going to be necessary. You could specialise in something that you’re already good at. Maybe you’ve already got your trade papers ready. Or you could specialise in something that you’re rather passionate about. Like woodworking or cabinet-making, for instance. Who doesn’t like that? The customers certainly do. These are the folks who simply do not have the time needed on their hands.

Or they just don’t have the DIY skills that you might have. Anyhow, maybe you’ve always been something of a fussy creature. You’ve always enjoyed seeing each and everything in its place. All clean, neat and tidy. Spic ‘n span, in other words. And you’re also big on health and hygiene. You’re one of those who really care for the environment. No more beating about the bush. There’s a business opportunity here.

You just know it. Where to begin then? Sign on the dotted line?