Giving Employees The Power To Manage Their Abilities


We all have different abilities.  Some of us work better in groups, others work better as individuals.  However, we work, we all need to be able to get the job done when the job is needed to be done.  This is why it is important that employers encourage customizable workflows in their business and overall processes.

Time limits

Giving good time limits is a good way to encourage people to get jobs done in their own time.  However, it is vital that you don’t make the time limit so vast that they wait to the last minute to get tasks done or so restrictive that people will rush through the project and not give the best work they possibly can.

Work environment

All work environments need to be enjoyable and somewhere employees want to go.  Many businesses are fun and the people who work their care about the jobs that they do.  It is very important that if people don’t feel comfortable in their work environment they won’t show up, put in their effort and more.

Help build procedures

customizable workflows

Another option that people can do is help build the rules and procedures that govern the business.  Many people will like to come to work if they feel that their opinions matter and that they are putting in a process to make the business more productive.

Pick teams

A great way to get people to work together is if they can pick the teams or groups of people that they work with.  If people like the people they work with, form bonds with each other then you can get a lot more done.  However, you also need to be careful that you don’t develop clicks that spend more time gabbing and wasting time than putting forth the effort they need to complete.